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Supercharge Your Emails: Send More, Spend Less!

Hey there, fellow marketers and agencies! Are you having a tough time sending lots of emails because Gmail, Outlook, and Zoho put limits on you? Well, guess what? We've got your back! Our cool Custom SMTP Solutions help you send tons of emails without any worry and at a much lower cost.

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  • Want to bypass the limitations imposed by G Suite, Outlook, and Zoho and gain more control over your email sending?

  • Ready to effortlessly extend your email reach to thousands, breaking through the constraints you've faced so far?

  • Interested in a solution that not only delivers great results but also saves you money on email marketing expenses?

  • Looking for a reliable SMTP service that ensures your emails are consistently delivered without any disruptions?

  • Need personalized SMTP settings that align perfectly with your unique requirements and preferences?

  • Planning for future growth? How about a scalable SMTP solution that adapts seamlessly as your campaigns expand?

  • Want to make informed decisions? How about utilizing advanced analytics to gain insights into your email performance?

  • Value responsive customer support that's ready to assist with questions, troubleshooting, and campaign optimization?

  • Dreaming of emails that consistently land in inboxes and bypass spam folders? Isn't higher deliverability essential?

  • Unshackle Your Outreach Potential: Bypass Restrictions, Boost Reach, Slash Costs


    Bye-Bye Restrictions: You won't believe it – no more bans from Gmail, Outlook, or Zoho! Our special SMTP magic lets you send heaps of emails without any trouble. No more limits holding you back!


    Reach the Stars: Imagine reaching so many more people than before. Our super-powered SMTP system lets you send your emails to way more folks, making your messages go farther and wider.


    Spend Smart: Why spend a ton of money on sending emails? Our custom SMTP saves your money, so you can use it for other cool stuff that'll help your business grow.


    Grow Big, Stay Strong: Your dreams are big, right? So, why not your campaigns? With our special SMTP, you can make your email plans as big as you want. No worries – it'll handle everything like a champ!


    Friends for Life: We're not just a service. We're your friends on this email adventure. Our experts are here to help you whenever you need it, making sure you're always on the right track.

    Choose Your Package

    Choose the package that best fits your needs and budget. We offer two packages.

    Standard Package

    • 10 Domain With 40 Emails with 10 Private IP

    • EMA Set up

    • One Cloud Server & Cloud Setup

    • One SMTP Setup

    • 40 Webmail Setup

    • Instantly DKIM, SPF, DMARC and Custom Tracking Setup

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    Premium Package

    • 25 Domains With 100 Emails with 25 Private IP

    • EMA Set up

    • Two Cloud Servers & Cloud Setup

    • Two SMTPs Setup

    • 100 Webmails Setup

    • Instantly DKIM, SPF, DMARC and Custom Tracking Setup

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    Our Satisfaction Guarantee

    "Get started with our Custom SMTP Service for just $997 as a one-time cost. And guess what? We promise that you'll be super happy with it! If you don't feel that way in the first 30 days, just tell us through email. We'll either make things better or give you all your money back. No worries, no fuss!"

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